ENERGY Body Wash 100% natural castille olive oil soap


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Inhale, and awaken, with this refreshing and stimulating body wash! This beautiful natural body wash is a castille olive oil soap base, enriched with aloe vera juice, glycerin and panthenol, that is deeply moisturizing, nourishing and hydrating, so gentle for the skin! An invigorating blend of essential oil, that is the perfect way to wake up!

Ingredients: 100% natural castille soap (saponified olive oil (potassium olivate) purified water), organic aloe vera juice, organic vegetable glycerin, caprylyl capryl glucoside surfactant, panthenol (vitamin B5), phenoxyethanol and caprylyl glycol and sorbic acid, 100% essential oil blend of peppermint, rosemary, eucalyptus, lemon.
240 ml / 8 oz $15


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